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Running an office space during Lockdown – First Base

  1. What are the challenges running multiple venues?

To be honest, we don’t find that aspect particularly difficult. We are lucky enough to have a great a team who have many years of experience under their belts so having multiple venues is no challenge for us!

  1. How has Lockdown been challenging for First Base?

Since the first lockdown, a few team members for each site were placed on furlough. I think one of the most difficult things for us was keeping morale up whilst so many employees were stuck at home during the lockdown. One way we were able to do this was by doing regular check-ins with everyone on our shared WhatsApp group. This was really helpful and brought the team closer together knowing we all going through the same thing. It’s also been a great reminder of how much we love coming in to the office 😄!

From a business perspective, watching some of our much loved clients have to move out and close their doors due to loss of revenue because of the pandemic was extremely hard for us. Being relatively small, we are able to form close bonds with each and every one of our clients, and seeing them shut their doors was absolutely heart-breaking. Whilst we did everything in our power to try to help them, unfortunately some businesses just could not survive in the climate brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. A saving grace is that the majority of them have said that they will return to us as soon as possible!

  1. How has working from home behavioural changes for businesses effected your business?

Each of our sites accommodates a few businesses who are regarded as key workers and could continue to work from their offices, but the rest of our clients rightly took the decision to work from home as much as possible. Some have chosen to continue with this as it works for them, but we are now seeing a fair few gradually returning to the office because the nature of their business means that working from home is just not as efficient. We believe whilst many businesses will choose to work from home for the foreseeable future, there will always be a requirement for office space, particularly flexible office space such as ours!

First Base is also a VoIP provider, and so our clients were able to take their telephone handsets home so that their office landline number could continue to be used to make and receive calls on. This helped them massively, particularly for those whose homes have poor mobile phone signal.

  1. What exciting things do you have in store for the rest of the year?

​Aside from some amazing discounts, some of our locations are hoping to get a summer party organised for our clients because we were unable to do it last year. Expect lots of yummy snacks and for the drinks to be flowing!!! For the First Base team, we are also hoping to FINALLY be able to have our Christmas party (albeit a bit late!) as soon as we are able and allowed to do so.


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