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How to get your office workspace noticed by your target customers?

How to target the right customer membership for your office workspace?

  1. Get a website

    It goes without saying that an easy to navigate website is essential for attracting visitors. Once they are on your website, make it clear what you offer and for how much. Not every visitor will be right for your office workspace. Keep it simple and be clear on what your can offer people. Mobile friendly websites are essential. There is a lot of competition for vacant offices, you have to make your facilities stand out from other venue providers.

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  2. Build a local community network

    When I had two coworking office workspaces, most of my members lived within a mile radius away from the offices. There are some many networking support groups so don’t just join any networking group. Pick a networking group that matches your requirements and a group that you can support too. I created a few meetup groups and hosted regular networking events at my workspaces. It is important to host events and get guest speakers, you add value to your membership.

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  3. Use Office Brokers

    Office search agencies like ours have a pool of clients and resources that can help workspaces build a membership relatively quickly without spending any money. We only charge a percentage of the membership fee once the member pays. We specialise in finding workspaces in the UK.

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  4. Paid marketing and SEO

    You can pay search engines and social media platforms to target your potential members. Personally this was costly for me because I received a low return for the amount spent. Organic searches and links had a better rate of return for me. SEMrush do great SEO tips for beginners.

  5. Word of Mouth

    The most rewarding way of building your client base in my opinion is through word of mouth. Referrals from your own clients is very rewarding and is confirmation that you are doing some things correctly. Word of mouth is arguably the cheapest method of growing your business.
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