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The Future of Office Space

Most of those who have been able to work at home during the pandemic haven’t gone back to the office. It’s not clear when, if ever, offices will return to their previous level of activity. Humans today spend a great deal of time indoors, and much of our environment is harsh and unnatural. Our workplaces will adapt to this new awareness. The idea of wellness, which was already gaining traction among corporations in the form of yoga classes, meditation rooms and healthy on-site nutrition options.

“Covid has forced us to rethink.”

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that plans must be adapted often. As the future of work remains murky and uncertain, flexible work schedules and spaces will be in increasing demand. Beyond essential alterations to ensure workplaces are Covid-19 safe, these sudden and dramatic behavioural shifts could also bring profound long-term changes to the future of office design and our activity within workspaces.

Technology will be the solution for optimising our use of our workspaces.

We must optimise our vacant spaces and offices. Working arrangements will, inevitably, involve more freedom and flexibility between time spent in the office, at home and at a third place (a coffee shop, for example), all enabled by advances in technology.

We are still going to need new offices, and transport upgrades, even if those look slightly different than what was expected. People will work from home and work in a flexible workspace. Some people have thrived working from home. They have a spare room that’s become a small office space or a quiet home to work from and don’t really need to be in the office.

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